About us

NoCaez Records is a small norwegian independent record label based in Oslo, Norway, and was established 2009.

We want to offer new norwegian and international artists a loyal and trusted partner who most of all is on the artist's side. We do not aim for profit in particular, but are more driven to give the artist a fair chance in the music industry. As all the staff on NoCaez Records are long-term musicians themselves, we feel we know the game from within.

We do most of the administrative work associated with being a band or solo artist, like applying for public funding, distribution, registration of catalogues, arranging transportation, negotiate good deals on studiotime and printing and much-much more which frees up the artists time to do what he/she do best... making music.

No money upfront or shady rip-off deals are made here - in other words - we don´t charge you money you don´t already have. In case the money starts rolling in for you, we operate with the markets lowest fees... guaranteed!

NoCaez Records also has their own booking department called NoCaez Booking. Being in our roster also gives you the opportunity to work with the other bands there for instance in terms of supportgigs.

Feel free to get in touch with us to hear more about how we can help you. We are always looking for new talent!



(+47) 916 91 176 - Casper Kvamme
(+47) 901 49 049 - Nicolai Olsen